Bio-Navigator Corporate Keynote Speech Part VI


National Yang Ming University Business Center of Industry-Academia

Liaison Serial Events of Bio-navigator -- Corporate Keynote Speech

In this 6th session of Bio-navigator corporate keynote speech, we are glad to invite Dr. Shuling Cheng as our speaker.

Dr. Cheng  currently serve as Chief Strategy Officer in Medeon Biodesign, focused on high level and high impact  medical devices development. In this talk, Dr. Cheng will share the successful commercialization strategy for medical devices development.

Medeon Biodesign was founded by Dr. Yue-Teh Jang, along with two prestigious healthcare institutional investors, Center Laboratories, and Taiwan Global BioFund of YFY Group in 2012. Medeon is  committed to developing and globally licensing devices for minimally invasive surgeries.



Liaison Serial Events of Bio-navigator -- Corporate Keynote Speech





Strategic alliance and seamless execution from product development to commercialization

Dr. Shuling Cheng 

Chief Strategy Officer

Medeon Biodesign





VenueFirst conference hall, Student Activity Center, National Yang Ming University

Organizer: Business Center of Industry-Academia Liaison(BCIAL) / Global
Research & Industry Alliance(GLORIA) , National Yang Ming University

co-organizer:  Office of Research & Development, National Yang Ming University

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