Big Data Corporate Keynote Speech Part I


The Next Digital Wave: Opportunities and Challenges


2019/01/03(Thu)  Big Data Corporate Keynote Speech





The Next Digital Wave:
Opportunities and Challenges

GodSpeed Ltd. BI Dept.

Vice President

Bing-tsu Chang

Venue: First conference hall, Student Activity Center,
National Yang Ming University



Cloud computing has changed the world as well as data collection. For new world-class enterprises emerging from the open-source economy, digital transition has become the most imperative task. Cloud computing is an effective tool for professional technicians to enhance their work efficiency, and non-technicians also employ such technology as a readily-available self-analysis tool. To know more about the opportunity and challenges brought about by this digital trend, please sign up for this course now!

GodSPeed Co., Ltd. endeavors to create smart websites and provide smart and consultant services for enterprises. The company develops customized websites for enterprises by combining cloud content management systems with one-stop web functions, integrating responsive web design, search engine optimization, and Google Analytics.

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