Bio-Navigator Corporate Keynote Speech Part III


Topic selection strategy by International Pharmaceutical Plant

National Yang Ming University

Business Center of Industry-Academia Liaison

-- Serial Events of Bio-navigator

Corporate Keynote Speech -- Savior Lifetec

Gu Man-qin, CEO  

For the third session of corporate talks on "Serial Events of Bio-navigator”,  we have especially invited Gu Man-qin, CEO of Savior Lifetec, which is the professional pharmaceutical leader in needle-injection medicine in the country. During the talk, she will share how international pharmaceutical plant could have won at the starting stage of topic selection. The talk will, for sure, be marvelous and all are welcome to take part.


Savior Lifetec has started itself with raw materials of Penem. At present, it is one the top three suppliers of raw materials for Penem antibiotic in the world. Given with its niche at vertical integration, it is the pharmaceutical company that provides one-stop service from raw materials to needle-injection medicine in Taiwan.


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Bio-NavigatorCorporate Keynote Speech Part III -Topic selection strategy by International Pharmaceutical Plant

Talks on Serial Events of Bio-navigator

13th December, 2018 (Thursday)




1000 ~1100

Topic selection strategy by International Pharmaceutical Plant

Savior Lifetec

Gu Man-qin, CEO

1100 ~ 1130

Q & A

1130 ~ 1200


Venue: Second conference hall, Student Activity Center, National Yang Ming University

organizer: Business Center of Industry-Academia Liaison(BCIAL) / Global Research & Industry Alliance(GLORIA) , National Yang Ming University

co-organizer:  Office of Research & Development, National Yang Ming University

For inquiries: Manager Huang Shao-fu


TEL: 02-28211492 or 02-28267000 ext 6368

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