Yang Ming GLORIA's Speech "Bio-Navigator, Corporate Keynote Speech 2020, the Finale Field" Taiwan Biomaterial Co., Ltd. (TWBM), driven by Fu-Mei Wang, the President leads you to see the decisive point in a Business Game


Photo with the VIP guests. (From the Left) Jin-Wu Tsai,  vice Director of Research and Development, NYMU; Zi-Hao Zheng, vice Director of Research and Development, NYMU; Fu Mei Wang, the chairmen; Xu-Song Kuo, the principal of National Yang Ming University;  Yu-Te Wu, Director of Research and Development, NYMU; Hsien-Chi Pei, GLORIA CEO, NYMU


It is an honor for BCIAL & GLORIA to invite the outstanding entrepreneur, the President of TWBM Miss Wang Fu Mei, to visit National Yang Ming University as the Finale Field for Bio-Navigator, Corporate Keynote Speech 2020 for sharing how a biotech superwoman creates the marketing sales with plentiful and practical experiences in the international biotechnology industry.


The Business Decision actually is the Accumulation of Past Experiences

From pharmacist of Taipei Medical University Hospital to the marketing master, outstanding entrepreneur and pioneer, Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman, owns various identities. Each title means a story. Different life stage experiences and relations had trained her to have the irreplaceable intuition and decision thinking on commercial premises.

After getting in P&G, Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman, saw how a multinational corporation drove the products to the whole world with strong marketing strategies. The company, P&G, has a standard mode in pushing products. In which, "sample" is an immutable strategy to arouse user's interest in various markets. The famous brands of "Pampers" and "Head & Shoulders" are named and introduced to Taiwan by Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman. She arranged everything for every phase in the channel layout, marketing methods, and competitive product negotiation. Though the process was unable to describe in detail, however she won a beautiful victory from the "market share" of these two products.

Good chances will not appear suddenly. The successful cases always began from hardships. Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman, expressed that it was not a hard decision to accept challenge and give up calmly, for no one knows or predicts next chance will be better than you have currently. The accumulation of experiences and relations obtained through constant attempts will make a person become a trusted choice in the industry.


Guests in the meeting ask questions for entrepreneurship, investment and marketing



How a biotech iron lady looks at the Taiwan Biomedical Industry

The Information Electronics Industry in Taiwan is world-famous. Similarly, there are also excellent biomedical talents. Yet, the proportion of the biotech medical industry is still limited in the whole economic system. "The health of the whole people is the well-being of mankind" said by Xu-Song Kuo, the principal of National Yang Ming University. He hoped that Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman pointed out the key issue of Taiwan Biotech Medical Industry relying on the years of industry experiences.

In the past decades, the information electronics industry in Taiwan developed with full of vitality. The electronics industry, in addition to major techniques and studies, the growth and aid of the upstream and downstream ecological industry chain are the major factors to make the rapid development of the electronics industry. In fact, not only the development of the information electronics industry require resource integration, but also the biomedicine field requires resource integration. Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman mentioned that the ecology of biomedical Industry was totally different with information electronics industry. In the field of biotech medicine, people with plenty of resources and experiences clinically are always not the first line of the industry and cannot form complete links like the electronics industry. In recent years smart healthcare is just emerging and hot. The cooperation for biomedicine and information electronics industries are processed in full swing. How to make two groups with different thinks and logic communicate with a common language is one of the goals that Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman makes effort to reach.  Integrate and communicate effectively for the differences to create new consensus.



All guests are attracted by the vivid life stories and hope to have advanced communication with the chairman Wang Fu-Mei after the meeting


Business strategy and profit mode are the foundation of entrepreneurship

Business plans and business strategies are the core to start a business.  To promote the products successfully, it is necessary to make the marketing strategies co-operate no matter the good or bad of the products or the technologies.

Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman began to contact Biomedical Venture Capital 15 years ago. She, especially, focuses on the profit model for each item. No matter what the industry is, new creation must have a clear future profit mode to attract the attention of investors.  A professional and experienced investor, in addition to financial support, shall offer resource link and assistance. In fact, the important factor of the Venture Capital is "person". Items and environments can be adjusted or changed. However, it is necessary to carefully evaluate at the beginning of what kind of people to work with.


"Know clearly what kind of life you want."

At present, Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman, owns eight companies. Though the company size is not big, relatively, yet the chairman thinks the pleasant inner atmosphere of a team shall be the key point for a company to exist forever. With the reading circle and the encouragement of internal entrepreneurship, it can inspire the creativity of the team internally and absorb new knowledge externally to get the chance of development. The network constructed with such a small and beautiful manner shall be the mode of operation to prevent the team from falling apart.


(From the left) Jen-Chuen Hsieh, professor in the Institute of Brain Science, NYMU; Yu-Te Wu, Director of Research and Development, NYMU
Professor Jen-Chuen Hsieh shared that he saw the attitude to sincerely treat the lives in every moment from the speech of Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman, in addition to the industrial experiences on different phases. The original intention and attitude determine the pattern of life for individuals. Wang, the chairman, is the best interpretation of this wonderful story.



"My life is embellished by a lot of accidentals." Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman, thought even there was no accurate life direction, however, if you clearly know what kind of life you want and find the value you have actively, then you can get the way of living in any environment or job.


(From the left) Xiao-Yi Lin, Director of Cheng Hisn General Hospital; Jin-Tian Su, General Manager of Golden Biotechnology Corp.; Jen-Chuen Hsieh, professor in the Institute of Brain Science, NYMU; Yu-Te Wu, Director of Research and Development, NYMU; Fu-Mei Wang, the chairman; Hsien-Chi Pei, GLORIA CEO, NYMU; Zi-Hao Zheng, vice Director of Research and Development, NYMU; Jin-Wu Tsai, vice Director of Research and Development, NYMU