BIO ASIA-Taiwan 2019 - July 24-28

National Yang-Ming University GLORIA seized market opportunities by joining hands with its members to rattle BIO Asia 2019

The results obtained from the industry-academia collaboration between National Yang-Ming University and Laurel Enterprises Corporation were first displayed at Bio Asia.


To raise the visibility of the members from enterprises and of startup teams, the Global Research and Industry Alliance (GLORIA) has worked together with Laurel Enterprises Corporation, a distinguished frozen foods factory in Taiwan, and Dr. Po-Kuei Wu’s team, the Department of Orthopaedic, Taipei Veterans General Hospital and rattled the Bio Asia-Taiwan Exhibition 2019, held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1. GLORIA has brought two most popularly discussed and representative applications to the exhibition, healthy eating and medical supplies, successfully demonstrating the rapid growth in industry-academia-medicine collaboration and in research and development.


Director Liang-Kung Chen (right) was interviewed by the media, explaining on-site the nutritional value of the Powerlifting Soup.

Laurel Enterprises Corporation and National Yang-Ming University have started a 5-year industry-academia collaboration since 2018 progressing towards a new field of researchhealth and nutrition. Together they have researched and developed a healthy and nutritious food “Delicious and Powerlifting Soup” that is nourishing, delightful, and convenient to eat, and displayed it at the exhibition for the first time. Free food samples were offered at the exhibition, which drew an incessant stream of people to inquire about the soup. The soup was right in the limelight and took people by storm at the exhibition.


The cryotherapy technique really caught the eye of buyers.

MUYI Technology Co., Ltd. took part in the exhibition with its surgical equipment “biological freezing tank.” The company’s clinical technique, application of a liquid nitrogen freezing treatment to osteosarcoma, helps it carving out its special niche. They can treat patients with this freezing method in a fast and safe way without patients undergoing amputation. MUYI Technology Co., Ltd. claimed that they have participated in this round of exhibition to explore the market’s response to new medical techniques. During the exhibition, many manufacturers showed intense interest in the technique after getting to know it, and went a step further to discuss possibilities of cooperation with MUYI Technology Co., Ltd. after the exhibition. It may be said that this technique has attracted overwhelming responses.


Many exchange students from Vietnam were drawn to the GLORIA exhibition zone to learn about its work.


Not only did National Yang-Ming University GLORIA show the power of industry-academia collaboration and academic research highlights in Taiwan through the exhibition, but also raise the possibility of global connections. It has created many opportunities to collaborate with international manufacturers through the One-on-One Partnering at the exhibition. It expects to generate more chances of technique matching in the future in order to produce sparks through collaboration, creating a new milestone for the development of biotechnology industry.


GLORIA’s exhibition at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 was a great success. A group photo was taken for all the colleagues and the startup teams to mark the occasion.